Project Brief

Members of Transition Town Marlborough and Town Council approached Plain Fresh, to address concerns around the decline in local food networks and lack of a platform for artisan producers, artists and crafters. The previous farmers’ market had taken place in the Town Hall for thirteen years but had suffered a decline and although two weekly markets took place in the town, they did not target producers of sustainable produce.

Plain Fresh Solution

Our initial response was to hold a ‘test-market’ at the local school Science Fair. Canvassing this key demographic we also carried out research in the town centre and online. Once it was determined there was wider support for the market, we applied for the permissions to move the market location from the Town Hall, to the centre of the town’s high street and sought external investment to purchase attractive market covers.


A vibrant, monthly market now takes place in Marlborough High Street. Transition Marlborough has a stall where they can spread the word about their local initiatives and other sustainable businesses thrive here too. We maintain a popular website and social media networks to support the traders and there are a good mix of local food, artisans, and crafters to choose from as well as some great street food.

From Concept to Conclusion

Since Marlborough communities Market was formed in 2012, Plain Fresh have held the Service Level Agreement to manage the market.  We also work closely with local groups, the Unitary Authority and Town Council to deliver a night market for the switching on of the annual Christmas Lights, an event that has become one of the largest night markets in Wiltshire with over 60 producers and thousands of visitors.

For more about Marlborough Communities Market visit the website


The High's and Low's of working outdoors

We were fortunate to be able to work with local film director, John Le Brocq on a series of videos for the market.  John's company, Drive by Shooting Films really captured the essence of the market and the three videos that were produced portrayed the high's and lows or working outdoors, with exceptional local producers.  

The last in the series portrayed the annual Light Night Market but here you can get a feel for how even a dreadful start to the day........ doesn't write it off by any means.


"Every time you spend money, you are casting a vote for the kind of world you want"

Anna Lappe

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