Love Your Local Market now involves over 2,000 markets, 5,000 annual events and has rolled out into 16 countries in 2015

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Project Brief

In 2012 Mary Portas produced her Review of the High Street that recommended markets be celebrated more in the UK and test trading opportunities for entrepreneurs opened up, by offering market pitches for a ‘tenner’. The National Association of British Market Authorities launched Love Your Local Market within months of the report being published, working alongside the Department for Communities and Local Government. Plain Fresh partner Beth Ward delivered social media management from the outset and in 2013, we won the contract to deliver the campaign in entirety.

Plain Fresh Solution

Brand development started by building a fit for purpose website with content curated to augment SEO and enhance that of NABMA’s. We simultaneously coordinated nine regional roadshows to help spread the message, delivering training on social media participation and the systems required to robustly monitor the campaign. Digital and email marketing systems were created from industry databases, and a registration and mapping facility designed. All PR was created in house and the @MrsMarketUK brand created to enhance social media influence.


With an initial contract to manage Love Your Local Market until May 2013, following the success of the celebrations, the remit was extended to deliver the campaign year round for a further eighteen months. Funding from local government was enhanced through sponsorship opportunities and this year over 2,000 markets participated with the concept having rolled out into sixteen countries including Spain, Italy, The Netherlands and in Hong Kong. 5,000 events were mapped this year and Plain Fresh have just delivered a three-year business plan.

Now we are gearing up for #LYLM2016

Each year activity on the Love Your Local Market social media streams is evaluated through an annual hashtag.  This helps us to curate the content, pictures and videos that stream in from all over the UK and has resulted in an extensive library of market industry photo's nearing 5,000.  In 2014 an independent evaluation carried out by The Department for Communities and Local Government on #LYLM2014 showed the campaign had made 42 million impressions on Twitter in May and this year the figure increased to 75 million.

The biggest markets event in a generation, Love Your Local Market is the most effective manifestation of the Mary Portas Review on High Streets" 

NABMA CEO - Graham Wilson OBE

For more about Love Your Local Market visit the website:

  • These are just some of the things that go on in Love Your Local Market fortnight

  • These are just some of the things that go on in Love Your Local Market fortnight

  • These are just some of the things that go on in Love Your Local Market fortnight

  • These are just some of the things that go on in Love Your Local Market fortnight

  • These are just some of the things that go on in Love Your Local Market fortnight

Each year Love Your Local Market builds on a specific theme

In 2012 it was to get as many markets participating as possible, in 2013 the drive was for the Mary Portas 'Table for a Tenner', in 2014 the campaign achieved 100 youth markets being created across the UK and it was also the year that we launched the Love Your Local Market Campaign Pack….that has now been downloaded over 5,500 times.  

The theme in May 2015 was digital and Plain Fresh organised a Video and Photo Competition to increase digital literacy.  The competitions had 418 entries that received 3.9K votes from 18.3K visits.  

For 2016 we shall have a theme specifically designed around traders and are working with partners to develop a #StartedAsATrader section on the Love Your Local Market website, that is due to be rebuilt and upgraded this Winter.


Download the Pack

A full suite of diagnostic and evaluation tools

Each year, Plain Fresh has carried out an evaluation of the Love Your Local Market campaign verified by the ROI Team.  In 2015 we have undertaken the commission to evaluate both the UK and International elements, the latter of which is to be released shortly.

Take a look at our Slideshare to see the results for yourself but we are pleased to announce another successful year of Love Your Local Market - a campaign that has seen over 1,500 new business start in the UK.

Could your company benefit from sponsoring LYLM?

Plain Fresh coordinates Love Your Local Market on behalf on The National Association of British Market Authorities, who have been serving the best interests of the industry for almost 100 years.  NABMA are now seeking companies who would benefit from the exposure that LYLM would bring to a wide range of sectors from finance to online mediums

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