In June 2015 Plain Fresh started work on marketing on behalf of The Market People

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Company Profile

The Market People is an online productivity and marketing tool that has been designed by a team of independent market experts and purpose-built by world class IT professionals. In development for over three years at a cost of close to £1 million, the platform has the capacity to change the face of the markets industry for operators, traders and officials while providing a powerful events search engine.

New Website Coming Soon

Plain Fresh has been working with The Market People to develop a new front end user interface that shall be launching September 2015 in advance of the markets industry Conference in Harrogate. With so much work involved in implementing the CMS for nine key user groups, the front end was in need of a fresh new look and feel, as well as requiring a responsive layout for mobile and tablet users.


The first step in realising the capacity for The Market People platform was to develop critical mass and encourage market operators to list markets and events. The company is now the ‘Digital Solutions’ provider for Love Your Local Market and launched a campaign events service in advance of British Food Fortnight to map market activity. We are now working towards new marketing for the NABMA Conference in September.

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The Market People's 'Quick Registration' is a free-to-use service for markets that have participated in Love Your Local Market and is a powerful tool for getting your market noticed on a site that already achieves around 30,000 visits per month.  You will then have the option of upgrading your account to take advantage of the additional features The Market People offers such as bookings, trader accreditation and enhanced marketing features.

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The Market People is great for traders too


Central to The Market People offer is the Market Pass (Professional Accreditation and Standards Scheme).  An online document wallet that enables all essential certificates to be kept in one place, which can then be easily checked by operators and officials ......meaning less work for you.

So how does it work?

Ownership of a Market Pass includes full access to The Market People's suite of online networking, booking and promotional tools.  Traders issued with an annual Pass are also provided with a personal accreditation card which displays their business details and their accredited status.  A QR code links to their public profile on the Market People website, allowing customers to see your details, find you away from the market and leave ratings on your stall, products and customer service.


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The Market People

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