Tasked with the formation of the Trowbridge Town Team we were successful in leveraging £18,000 of inward investment

Branding, Development, Campaigns

Project Brief

Having undertaken the initial work to bid for Portas Pilot funding from central government, we were invited to implement key recommendations by Trowbridge Town Council. In addition the scope included the need to build upon key partnerships in order to identify suitable board members to take the Trowbridge Town Team forward, as well as leverage external funding.

Plain Fresh Solution

We worked closely with town center business groups, regeneration teams and members of the local arts community to identify potential partners to attract funding in addition to public and private investment. A branding exercise was undertaken to create a website and a digital marketing campaign and social media strategy delivered to enhance the strategic plan.


The initial target to leverage private and public investment was exceeded with the final figure coming in at £18,000.  This enabled the new Town Team to set up a weekly market in the County Town. Community engagement workshops and meetings resulted in a full board representing the arts, social enterprise, multi-nationals, independents and the local authority.

From Concept to Conclusion

Since the Town Team was formed in 2012, Plain Fresh has gone to to hold the Service Level Agreement to hold the weekly Community Market and puts on a range of events throughout the year, including the Trowbridge Teenage Market, Medieval Market and works with the Town Council to deliver a night market for the switching on of the annual Christmas Lights.

For more about Trowbridge Town Team go to the website


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