Following on from the work that Plain Fresh carried out to put forward a Portas Pilot bid for Trowbridge, in Wiltshire we are delighted to have now submitted a draft plan to The Trowbridge County Town Initiative and Town Council.

The Town Team Business Plan includes the use of meanwhile space, or pop up shops to you and I.  Despite the fantastic evidence of regeneration being carried out in Trowbridge, with the ground having been broken on the new cinema and hotel complex next to the new Civic Centre, the town, like others across the country is suffering from the inevitable contraction of retail.  A fantastic way to mitigate against this is to enliven and add vibrancy to the town centre by encouraging meanwhile use and we are delighted that there seems to be enthusiasm for this, as evidenced in our initial consultation work.

We have now prepared documentation to form a board to govern the new Town Team and have approached a wide range of individuals in the town from a range of backgrounds so are hopeful for a good representation.

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